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Realme X3 SuperZoom battery capacity and charging speeds revealed

Last week Realme X3 SuperZoom passed got bluetooth certification, now today it again popped up on the radar and again it is creating hype with with its SuperZoom camera capability. As per the latest rumours Realme X3 SuperZoom is expected to run on Snapdragon 855+ processing chipset.

Earlier the handset was in rumor mill almost till one month. If we believe another rumor then it is expected two smartphones X3 as well as an X3 SuperZoom which was spotted in several listings earlier this month.

Today, we got another sight of the handset that reveal information about its battery info and charging speed. As per the info passed by the leakster, the Realme X3 SuperZoom is said to get a huge and powerful 4,200 mAh battery. The huge 4,200 mAh cell can be charged using a 30W fast charger, supposedly one of the Oppo’s VOOC varieties.

Realme X3 SuperZoom Features and Availability

Till now the info about features of Realme X3 SuperZoom are pretty scarce. So, unfortunately we have to wait till more intel to pile up before we conclude which rumors are legit and which are not. Until then, we suggest you remain vigilant.